The Church of San Lorenzo stands in the heart of Via Atenea, the main avenue of the historic centre of Agrigento, built between 1650 and 1655.

The symbolism inside recalls the Purgatorial concept (hence the name “Chiesa del Purgatorio”), in a succession of works and allegories that made the Church of San Lorenzo a very interesting example of diversification. Dominated by a snowy and immaculate white, it is not currently officiated for worship, now established as an important exhibition space for Sicilian art and beyond. At the centre of the vault stands the sacrificed but victorious Divine Lamb, whose blood is collected in chalices and poured to relief and liberation of the Souls in Purgatory.

The stuccoes of eight great female figures that dominate the flanks of the Church, each representing a Moral Virt (Meekness, Fortitude, Religion, Justice, Prudence, Charity, Simplicity, Love of God), probably represent one of the attractions of greatest charm and symbolic value. We still find a valuable statue of the Madonna and Child from the 19th century and a Madonna del Melograno from the 15th century.

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